The Paaie Internship: Building Future Entrepreneurs is a dynamic learning experience, designed to introduce students to the various aspects of becoming an entrepreneur in the online, retail world by student mentors. Students will attend in-person classes, during the duration of which students will gain knowledge through lectures and practical activities. 

Course Dates:

Session 1: Sessions are ongoing, please reach out for more information

Contact Information:

Yashvi Gupta: (202) 770-9749 or (email)

Anjali Gupta: (703) 992-5692 or 

Riya Gupta: (312) 889-0843 or @beachwaves45 (Instagram)


Location: In-Person

Address: 25819 Mandeville Dr, Chantilly VA 20152

Days: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Timings: 6:30 - 7:30 EST

Eligibility: Current/Rising Middle and High School Students

Applications: Students are not given an application, instead all interested students can fill out the google form below and we will reach out to you with details. Any questions can be directed to the contact information provided above.


This course is designed to create a special experience for students looking to become part of the business world. All knowledge gained throughout the duration of the course can be used in a practical way both in a typical business setting and out of a business setting. In addition to these skills, all students gain volunteer hours which they can log in to their school systems. Students can also potentially earn the opportunity of joining the mentor team after gaining the necessary skills as a student.


Each Session Students focus on:

  • Learn how to manage an E-commerce platform
  • Learn how to use Social Media Platform to run a business
  • Learn how to manage inventory in a large e-commerce platform
  • Learn how to manage online e-commerce store shipments


Active participation will be required for each class period. Each day will complete a new topic and will include application activities. All topics build upon each other so it will be important to attend each class unless said otherwise.


Technical Requirements:

  • In order to fully participate in this course, students will need to have a medium of transportation to and from the location of the class.
  • If students were to miss a class, peers and mentors will work with them to cover any important information.
  • Students should also join a Google Classroom Course for the duration of the program
  • Students should have access to a laptop, computer, or device on which they can easily navigate online platforms 


To access the Google Form mentioned above, please click Here


 Meet the Mentors:



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